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Cars Party

Monday, March 19, 2012

A while back, a friend of mine asked me to help her with a birthday party for her two little boys who were turning three and four.  She decided, or rather the boys decided, on the Cars theme.  Since it was a joint party and parents were invited, the guest list was for over 60 people.  Thankfully, my friend was able to secure a great venue at a school where there would be plenty of space.
The party was downstairs at this school so we had traffic cones topped with flags directing people down the stairs from the entrance.  We were lucky that the venue had a red wall.  It fit perfectly with the theme of red, black and white! Once the partygoers came downstairs, they found the tables set up and plenty of food waiting for them.
Naturally, we had to have a sign for Flo's V8 Cafe where the food was! We also used checkered flags to label the sandwiches.
Here are the cake and cupcakes.  We placed many of the cupcakes on a racetrack the boys had and decorated it with their Cars figures.
We made a few cars from cardboard boxes that the kids loved playing in.  I got this idea from here and it just looked like so much fun. It wasn't that difficult to make them either.  Don't the birthday boys look adorable in their jumpsuits?
We tied red and black balloons to the red and black favor bags and placed them inside of tires to use as decoration.  The favor bags had a sticker with a thank you message from the boys. As the partygoers left they got to pick a balloon from the tire.  

The kids had so much fun.  The eating area was next to a gym which was set up with balance beams, swings, and basketball.  They had plenty of space to run around and when they got tired,  there was an area where they could refuel by watching Mater's Tall Tales on video.

It was a great party!  Many thanks to my friend Emma for letting me help with the decorations for her boys party.  

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