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Forest Party Invitation

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A friend of mine had her son's birthday party at the animal park in Langenberg, which is just outside of Zurich. It's a great location in the forest where you can take hikes and observe animals in their natural environment. I volunteered to make the invitations for her. I used cute animals and trees to go with the forest theme. And if the party was being held in the summer, then I would have drawn in some leaves, but since it was in February, I thought the bare trees were appropriate. The envelopes were white with a brown gingham pattern that I made as the lining. Each envelope was then closed with a sticker that had one of the animals on the invitation. I also made favor tags that were hung on brown paper bags (perfect for a forest party!).They had the same animals on them that the children received on their invitation and they could identify which bag was theirs by the animal. 

I thought it was a great idea to bring the kids to the animal park. They got to be outside in the fresh air and learn about the animals that they saw from the guide that took them around the park. I think the highlight for my daughter was seeing the wild boars, since she had been learning about them in school! 

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