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Party DIY :: Cupcake Stands

Monday, November 19, 2012

Even though I have many cupcake and cake stands, sometimes none of the ones that I have fit with the table that I am decorating.  So, I've found that making my own cupcake or cake stands helps to solve the problem.  They are really easy to make and don't cost a fortune either. You'll find many tutorials out there already, but here's what I do:
First, I gather my supplies. For this, you will need a glue gun, a candle holder, and a plate.
Once the glue gun is ready, place some glue around the top rim of the candle holder as shown above.  Then, before the hot glue gets cold, center the plate on top of the candlestick.

 And that's it! Please note that this is not a permanent solution. The glue will eventually wear off the plate.  The good news about that is that you can reuse your plates and candle holders to make more stands!

You can use this method to make many different kinds of stands.  You can make multi-tiered stands, or use bowls instead of plates and use them to display chocolate or candy. You can also spray paint the candle holders to match your plate for a more seamless look. There are so many possibilities. Have fun!

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