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Gabriel's Magic Party

Friday, July 20, 2012

You saw the magic wand invitations and the tutorial, now see the party!  The magic party for Gabriel was held last week. I've known Gabriel since he was born and it was great to help his mom create a party for him at home.  His kindergarten class has been learning about magic and he invited everyone to the party.  He was so excited in the days leading up to the party that he kept asking his mom "when is it?". All his waiting paid off and the day of his magic party finally arrived. From face painting, to "magic" food, to a magician that kept the kids laughing throughout, there was lots of fun to be had for the kids.
abracadabra banner
The food included things like Hocus Pocus Jello, a Magic Drink that changed colors when it was filled, magic popcorn with edible glitter for the magic effect and Disappearing Pizza, which really did disappear quickly!
Hocus Pocus Jello & Magic Drink
And of course, we can't forget the cake.  It was in the shape of a top hat with rabbit ears sticking out of it.   Naturally, there were cupcakes also.
Magic Hat Cake and Party Circles
At the end of the party, the kids all received a goody bag filled with all kinds of magic treats.
Favor Bags
Thanks to Sharon and Gabriel for letting me help out with their party.  Looking forward to brainstorming more ideas for next year!
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