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Donut Valentine's Day Party

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I have been wanting to design a printable collection featuring donuts for a while now. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up and we were having friends and their kids over for tea and treats, I thought that would be a perfect time to have a donut-themed Valentine’s Day party.  So, I got to work designing the printables.

Designing the printables was easy, but finding the donuts here in Switzerland to go with the party was not! Some coffee shops have them, but the ones I went to were empty at the time. I found some frozen ones at Ikea, but it was not enough and I wanted to have some different kinds.  I thought I could try and make them myself, but that did not work...they burned!  Definitely check the oil temperature before attempting to fry the donuts ;-). I also tried to bake them, and that was more successful, but they were more like a cake rather than a donut.  Just as I was about to give up, my husband reminded me that we sometimes get them at the gas station for the kids.  I wasn't too hopeful as usually they only have one or two.  I went early on a Sunday morning and they had plenty!  And so the party was saved by the gas station market.

The kids loved all of the donuts, and they especially loved the donut “cake”, as it had chocolate filled donuts.  Yum!  I made the cake banner using two straws and the printable cake banner that I designed.  I added some tissue paper to the tops of the straws to give it a more festive feel. Even though this was a donut party, I still had to have cupcakes since I love them.  Plus, I love how they look with cupcake toppers and wrappers. So pretty! We also had some chocolate covered marshmallows and Berliners. 

And of course there were some gifts for the kids.  I found the cutest temporary tattoos at the cupcake bakery and packaged them up with some pink shredded paper and topped the bag with a bag topper to match the rest of the printables.  They say “Donut you know I think you’re cool?”. The kids loved them and wanted them on right away!

It was a great afternoon spent with friends and donuts aplenty! I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our sweet little donut Valentine’s Day party. 

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