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Magic Wand Invitations

Monday, June 25, 2012

magic wand invitations
I am so excited to show you these invitations! One of my good friends asked me to help her with her son's upcoming magic themed birthday party. After some brainstorming, we came up with these fabulous magic wand invitations.  They turned out great and the kids were so excited to receive them!
magic wand invitations
The invitations were made out of black construction paper and regular white paper.  The black construction paper was used to make the wand itself and the white paper was used to make the white tips on both sides of the wand. Inside the wand was another white sheet of paper where we wrote the party information in white crayon. It was then rolled up tightly, had some ribbon attached to it, and put inside the wand. It slid out of the wand when you pulled on the ribbon. Inside the envelope were instructions on how to magically make the information appear by painting over it with watercolor. View the video below to see how it all worked. The kids loved it! Talk about getting them excited for a party. 

Here's what the invitation revealed when it was painted over...

magic wand invitations

And below is a little video so that you can see the how the wands worked. Enjoy!

Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on how we made the wands.  They were not difficult to make, it just took some time since we had to make so many!


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