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Baking Party Apron Invitations

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

These are some invitations I made a while ago for a baking party for a sweet 6 year old. They are in the shape of an apron and the invitation details are inside the pocket of the apron. I like how the invitation details also remind me of a cookie.

The giveaway for this party was a white apron.  To make them a bit more colorful, I printed out the same design as the invitation onto iron-on transfer paper and transferred it to the apron. I also made some party circles and glued them onto cupcake liners to make a small "flower" that could be pinned to the aprons. That way, once the party was over, the kids could just take off the pin and have a cute apron that they could use all the time.

I think this is a really sweet idea for a party.  And it is relatively easy to organize if you wanted to have it at home.  The party activities will involve baking and decorating cakes and cookies, so you don't have to do much baking yourself beforehand.  Once you have all of your sprinkles and chocolate out on the table for the kids to use, it will already look festive, so you don't need to have much in terms of decorations.  I think all you would need to have is a birthday banner and some cute tableware to match. This would also be a great idea for an Easter party, a playdate or an afternoon activity with your own kids. If you have a child that loves baking, this would be so much fun for them!

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