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10 Things to Make with Cupcake Liners (other than cupcakes)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If you're like me, you have a lot of extra cupcake liners around. I always use them for one set of cupcakes and then have just a few leftover. Or, I will use them for one occasion and need another style for a different occasion.  Either way, I've ended up with a lot of cupcake liners.  I've had a lot of parties lately and that means even more than the usual amount of extra cupcake liners are lying around.  I searched Pinterest for what to do with them, and here are 10 good ideas I found.  Hope it helps you find something to do with all of your cupcake liner "leftovers"!

Image source: A Pretty Cool Life
1. Make party hat cupcake toppers like these from A Pretty Cool Life.

Source: Family Chic

2. Pretty up your gifts with a colorful gift topper. This idea is from Family Chic who says "10 cupcake liners, a stapler, a pair of scissors and a few minutes are all you need to make this simple gift topper." Sounds like a great way to make something look special in a short amount of time!

Photo Source: Spoonful

3. Make these fortune cookies and put them in the kids' lunch boxes for a special lunch time fortune.

Photo Source: Saved by Love Creations
4. Take an old frame and make it fresh again by adding cupcake liner rosettes. Gorgeous! Get the tutorial at Saved by Love Creations.

Photo Source: Real Simple
5. Get creative and make a lei with all of your extra cupcake liners.  This is a great idea not only for Halloween but for all of those summer parties coming up! Get the tutorial from Real Simple.

Photo Source: Muffin Tin Mom

6. Make a handmade card for Father's Day or to send to a loved one.  Such a great idea from Muffin Tin Mom!

Photo Source: The Craft Train
7. Use this cupcake liner flower garland to decorate a room.  So pretty and fresh.  Plus it will last a long time! Get the tutorial from The Craft Train.

Photo Source: Project Nursery

8. If you don't want to have a garland of flowers, make them to put in a vase like these from Project Nursery.

Image Source: Confetti Sunshine
9. I love these DIY award ribbons.  This would be perfect for a horse party or give them to the winners of your birthday party games.  I'm sure the kids would love to wear one of these and say "I won!". Get the tutorial over at Confetti Sunshine.

Image Source: Martha Stewart
10. And last but not least, use them to cover your drinks at your next BBQ or anytime you dine al fresco.  It helps to keep the bugs out of your drinks and looks cute too!

Of course, you could just save the liners for your next party. But then you can't buy new ones ;-)

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