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Make A Store Bought Cake Pretty

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to dress up a store bought cake

Sometimes, there isn't time to bake a cake for a party or a get-together. And although some store-bought cakes can be pretty tasty, they don't always have the look that you are going for. Here I bought a cake from my local grocery store (the Migros, for those of you in Switzerland) and dressed it up using some items from my shop. Sometimes all it takes is something small to turn an ordinary cake into something special. Hope you enjoy the examples and it brings you some inspiration for dressing up your cakes!

Dress up your cake with fun toppers

Here's a great option for a birthday cake.  Just use these birthday bash toppers for an instantly fun birthday cake!

Dress up a store bought cake with pinwheels

Add pinwheels to a cake to add instant fun to an afternoon tea or get-together. 

Dress up a store bought cake with drink umbrellas

These cute drink umbrellas don't have to just be for your cocktails. Why not add them your cake too? Use them for a surf or pool-themed party, or have a cake-and-cocktail party so that the cake matches the drinks!

Dress up a store bought cake with greaseproof paper

Wrap this pretty greaseproof paper around your cake and add some twine and you've got a pretty cake in two minutes flat! Just remember to take off the paper before you cut it.

Dress up your store bought cake by combining items

Get creative and combine a couple of the options to make a cake perfect for any of your summer celebrations.  What's great is that you don't have to be in a hot kitchen baking all day and your guests will think you worked hard to make such a beautiful cake.  Whether you tell them your secret or not is up to you!

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