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Cookie Garlands

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

santa cookie garland
Image Source: Haniela's

I usually make some cookies or cinnamon rolls for my neighbors at Christmas.  This year, I wanted to do something different so I started looking around on the Internet.  I found so many ideas and have decided on what I will make for them (hot chocolate sticks, for those who are interested).  But during my search, I came across these cookie garlands. I think they are a great idea and would love to make some with my kids to hang around my house. We might not have enough left over to make a garland if the kids are around, but it would certainly be fun (and not to mention yummy) to try! I think they would look great hanging in the kitchen under the cabinets or from the mantel along with the stockings.

The santa garland above is from Haniela's blog.  Click here for the link and you will find instructions and some tips on how to make a cookie garland.

Read on for more cookie garland inspiration...

gingerbread cookie garland by glorious treats
Image source: Glorious Treats
I love the colors of this garland from Glorious Treats.  She also made matching cookie ornaments.   This blog has so many great ideas for Christmas treats.  If you are still looking for items to bake, this is definitely a good place to start.

Cookie garland
Image source: Balzer Designs
This one is so cute! I love how simple it is. It's made by Valerie Mangan and incorporates her love of paper crafting and baking.  You should see the painted frame tags she made too. Gorgeous!

cranberry popcorn and cookie garland
Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens
This one adds cranberries and popcorn to the garland.  I think it looks beautiful!

Hope that inspired you to make some garlands of your own.  These don't have to only be used for the holidays.  I can see them used for birthday parties as well.  You can make fish-shaped cookies for an under the sea party, dinosaur cookies for a dinosaur-themed party, cupcake- or candy-shaped cookies for a sweet shoppe party, and so on.  The possibilities are endless and the kids will love eating some of their birthday decorations. Happy baking!

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